Adam Lowy

Red Bank

2016 Honoree

Focus Area:

Food Security

Organizational Affiliation:


Some people see a problem and turn and walk away. Then there are others who take action to make the world better for others. Adam Lowy of Asbury Park is one of those people. He grew up working for his family’s moving company and witnessed first-hand how much waste there was when people moved: furniture, clothing and especially food. He began encouraging clients to donate their unwanted food rather then throw it away and he made sure the moving company brought it to the local food bank. In that first month, he collected more than 300 pounds of food. He thought, if one moving company can do that, imagine the impact an entire network of moving companies can have. He founded Move for Hunger in 2009 and single-handedly changed the business model for more than 1,200 moving companies who joined this initiative. To date, Move for Hunger has delivered more than 36 million pounds of food to food banks and pantries across the United States and Canada. And the movement now has grown to include realtors, corporate housing providers and other components of the relocation industry.

Move For Hunger mobilizes transportation resources to deliver surplus food to communities in need. The organization works with thousands of moving companies, relocation companies, and multi-family apartment communities to collect food for food banks and pantries across the nation. 34 million Americans struggle with hunger while 38% of the food produced in the US ends up going to waste. Since 2019, Move For Hunger has delivered more than 23 million pounds of food to food banks in the US & Canada – providing more than 30 million meals to those in need.