Emma & Quinn Joy

South Orange

2021 Honoree

Focus Area:

Social Justice & Inclusion

Organizational Affiliation:


Emma & Quinn Joy, South Orange, founders of Girls Helping Girls. Period., address one of the most overlooked and underdiscussed issues facing low-income women today – period poverty. Emma and Quinn embody the spirit of making a difference while advocating and educating others to erase the stigma surrounding menstrual health. Helping individuals stay at work and in school by providing essential menstrual health items which can be very expensive. GHGP believes that menstrual health is a matter of basic health and human dignity. They are dedicated to educating people on the need to provide this basic necessity that is often expensive and not covered by assistance programs. A 2018 survey found nearly 1 in 5 American girls has missed school due to lack of period protection. 23% of students have struggled to afford period products. Lower income students and students of color are more impacted by this problem than their white counterparts.​ They have distributed more than 1.4 million products to date.